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What is Botox?

Botox is the toxin released by bacterium originally named Clostridium Botulinum in Latin, processed in laboratory environment and made therapeutic for humans. Although it has been used for a long time in medicine for treatment of neurological diseases, its use in cosmetic procedures increased notably over the past decade. Today, Botox is known as the easiest and fastest anti-wrinkle treatment all over the world, its practice is expanding as its purpose and results are learned.

Botox blocks the release of acetylcholine, substance responsible for transmission of stimulus to nerve endings, the neural stimulation will thus not be transmitted to the muscles and they will not be contracted. Botox is prepared for local external use; the muscles of the concerned area are paralyzed, they will not be contracted during several months, therefore be able to form wrinkles on the surrounding skin. This effect mechanism of Botox benefits many areas of medicine. It is used in the treatment of spasms in patients suffering from paralysis, of involuntary mimic movements known as tics and twitches, of diplopia (cross eye.) Plastic surgeons use Botox most often to correct the dynamic facial lines becoming prominent due to mimic muscles’ movements, or in the treatment of excessive sweating.

How does Botox reduce expression lines?

The expression lines are a result of facial muscles’ expression movements for years. They appear due to folding of surrounding skin and become permanent. These lines are called dynamic lines as they arise from muscular movements. Horizontal lines of the forehead, vertical lines between the eyebrows, the wrinkles around the eyes (known as crow’s feet) and the mouth are a few examples of these dynamic lines. They become deeper, forming wrinkles. Every individual has different expressions, therefore the placement and depth of wrinkles vary on each person. The lines on forehead and around the eyes give an old, used impression, while the ones between eyebrows give a frowning, angry appearance. The movement of expression muscles weaken when Botox is applied, the muscle will even stop functioning for a certain period of time. Due to the weakening of muscle movements, the wrinkles of surrounding skin may be reduced or completely disappear, depending on their depth. As a result, the angry, old, exhausted facial expression is replaced by a younger, livelier expression.

Excessive sweating treatment with Botox

Botox can also be applied to sweat glands. This way, the communication between sweat glands and nerve endings that activate them is cut off; preventing sweat glands from becoming overactive. Most people are especially uncomfortable with underarm sweating. On the other hand, some individuals suffer from severe palm and sole sweating regardless of the season. When excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, becomes a psychological issue, Botox can offer quite successful results. The injections reduce sweating, also treating the unpleasant odor due to sweating.

How is the procedure performed?

Botox is a procedure done in a clinical environment. Application of a topical anesthetic cream to the injection site is sufficient. While the patient is sitting in a slightly reclined position, diluted and prepared Botox is injected in determined doses depending on the patient’s needs in different areas of the face using thin, sensitive needles. It will be injected between the muscles to treat wrinkles, under the skin of the concerned area to treat sweating problems. The procedure takes in total 10 to 15 minutes. Following the procedure, cool compresses will be applied to the injection areas. Massaging the area should be strictly avoided. Mild rash and contusions can occur temporarily on injection points, however they can be covered with make-up. You can return to your daily activities immediately.

Duration of Effect of Botox

The effect of Botox is visible after one week following the injection and the final result is visible after day 10. The effect of Botox applied for the treatment of wrinkles will fade after 5 to 6 months. The duration of Botox procedure for the treatment of excessive sweating is longer. This period can be as long as 11 months for some patients. Botox can be applied repeatedly without reservation as its effects fade. The effect duration will be longer as the procedure is repeated. Renewing the procedure without delay after its effects fade helps extending the next effect duration.

Botoks uygulamasında doğal sonuçlar elde etmenin incelikleri nelerdir?

Botoks,uygulaması basit fakat aynı zamanda da incelik ve beceri isteyen bir işlemdir. Bu uygulamayı başarılı bir şekilde yapmak için yüz kaslarının anatomisine son derece hakim olmak gerek. Yüz bölgesinde enjeksiyonların yapılacağı noktaları doğru bir şekilde belirlemek çok önemli. Herkesin mimikleri ve yüz ifadesi kişiye özel olduğundan, kişinin ihtiyaçları göz önünde tutularak gerekli noktalara gerekli dozlar uygulanmalıdır. Böylelikle, son derece doğal bir görünüm yakalanır. Sizi tanıyan kişiler yüzünüze baktığında aydınlanma, genç ve dinlenmiş bir ifade hissederler, ama bu farkın nereden geldiğini anlayamazlar.

What are the technicalities in obtaining natural results from Botox procedures?

Although a simple procedure, Botox requires delicacy and skill. Successfully achieving this procedure requires excellent command of muscular anatomy of the face. Properly defining the injection points on facial area is of utmost importance. As everyone’s mimics and facial expressions are personal, required doses should be applied on necessary areas, making it possible to obtain extremely natural results. People who know you can notice a younger, more luminous and rested expression on your face but they will not understand the reason behind it.

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