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The lips are one of the most important complemental elements of our facial expression and appearance. Plump, smooth and youthful lips have been the symbol of beauty and attractiveness throughout the history. While some people have structurally thin lips, for others, lip thinning is experienced later due to various causes such as aging and menopause. This condition can be treated with simple surgical procedures or non-surgical techniques. Depending on the patient’s desires, temporary and repeated, or permanent solutions and alternatives are available.

In cases where the lip contours are aesthetically pleasing but lacking volume, the most used and therefore most widely known procedure is temporary filler injections. Their biggest disadvantages are the necessity to repeat the procedure frequently and symmetry issues. Permanent injections are generally unadvised as they often cause allergic reactions and are irreversible. Suggestion simple surgical procedures for long lasting results is more appropriate.


There are various methods to reshape the lips. One of the existing techniques consists in pushing the internal lip mucosa forward, towards the external part. Although a certain fullness may be provided with this procedure, the aim is to make the pink part of the lip more visible. I suggest this technique in cases where the curves and shape of the lips require correction, or when the distance between patient’s nose and lip is too long as it provides a permanent lip shape but does not contribute to the volume increase.

In cases where the thickening of the lips is desired, it is possible to use fat injections we call “dermofat graft”: transplanting bands of the skin’s lower layer (dermis) and fat tissue together into the lip, or the same way, using the patient’s own tendons for grafting.

However their low durability of and the necessity of repeating the procedures motivated us to find better solutions.

Considering these disadvantages, Permalip is the latest technology for lip augmentation. As an alternative to fillers, it is a permanent and safe procedure that yields very natural results in reshaping thin lips, giving them a fuller appearance and getting rid of wrinkles around the mouth.


Permalip is a medical product designed for facial tissue augmentation and approved by the FDA. It has a smooth surface and a natural lip shape. Silicone is a material made of elastomer, with no risk of tearing, breaking or deflation. Unlike breast implants, it is not filled with silicone gel, the entire implant is made of the same material. Differently from temporary or permanent lip fillers, they have various sizes and thicknesses, are completely compatible with natural lip contours, their texture is similar to the natural tissue. Therefore they do not cause any rigidity, deformity or loss of sensation. The implant can remain in the lip permanently without being replaced, or removed when they are not desired anymore, reverting the appearance.


I suggest this procedure to patients desiring fuller lips, but also patients who experience loss of fullness due to decrease in soft tissue over time and patients who want to get rid of the fine wrinkles around the mouth.

This is a 15 minutes procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. Following the placement of the implant, the patient can easily go back to daily activities. Swelling may be experienced in the concerned area for 2 – 3 days.


During the first days following lip enhancement surgeries, it is imperative to apply cold compress, moisturize the lips with various creams and limit lip movements. The period required for the swelling to decrease and for the patient to return to social life is 10 – 15 days on average. Possible complications include bleeding, infection, herpes or asymmetry. Most of them can be avoided with a good surgical technique.

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